We Are The Champions, My Friends

Polls closed Friday. High Five! won. It'll be up tomorrow. Are you psyched? Not yet? Then how about if I show you the cover art? Will that help? Maybe? Okay, here.


Also, I started Twittering and added a little box to the sidebar. Are you on? Because I feel weird just Twittering at Chris.

And speaking of the Internet, would anybody be interested in participating in a forum related to the blog/pop culture/life in general, etc.? Lemme know below.


rose said...

high five the high five cover!
& i might be interested...

huston/lilia said...

find me on twitter homes, hustonrocks.

and i would be interested if its got a cool name.

chrishaley said...

I think I already said as much in an email, but yes, I would be interested.