Honey From A Haunted Hive

We watched Bee Movie with the girls tonight and ... so, bees are basically Jewish? Is that the point of that movie? How far were we supposed to take the metaphor? Because they go to great lengths to equate Bee-ishness to Jewishness and then you start thinking about it and it starts to get weird and then you're very confused. Just don't start thinking about it; you'll end up with a nosebleed. And a stomachache. And a hangnail. You have been warned.

Alls I know is that Patrick Warburton was in that movie, and where Brock Samson goes, I go. Also, the humans in that movie were weird looking, weren't they?


b3n said...

Yeah, those is some weird looking humans. And they all look exactly the same. Except Ray Liotta... He looked like, well, like Ray Liotta.

And yeah there were quite a couple Jewish references but I think they were mostly by Barry the Bee's family, and obviously he's Jewish...

Oh well. I love that movie. Harper had us watching it daily for about 3 months and it totally grew on me from an "Okay" movie to the best Non-Pixar new animation-by-computer-thingie-type movie out there (except maybe the original Shrek).

And honestly, I'm not even a Seinfeld fan.

Allen TenBusschen said...

I liked the movie too, mostly the little dream sequence where she basically dies. awesome to the max.