Death Cab For A Cutie (& Me)

I'm excited. We're going to see Rogue Wave and Death Cab For Cutie tonight. Is there a whiter sentence than that? I guess I could have said "and we're going out for tapas beforehand and then I think we'll go shopping for some new Tevas at that organic cotton outerwear store." Yeah, that's better.

I'm fully expecting to be rocked/bummed out simultaneously by the awesome power of Ben Gibbard & Co.'s sad-sack indie poppery. Which would be a great name if this whole rock thing doesn't pan out and they decide to open up an old timey popcorn stand at some farmer's market in like Portland or something. Portland seems like a popcorn town, doesn't it? Portlanders like popcorn. I read that somewhere. Maybe in the Bible. But only if it's like organic, free-range, cruelty-free popcorn. Portland was founded by Hippies, you know. It's true. Look it up on Wikipedia. Totally true.

Here's a video from Death Cab's last album, Plans. It's sad. Oh so sad. But also pretty (the song and the video, that is):

So yeah, Death Cab tonight. If you haven't, pick up their newest, Narrow Stairs. It's goooood, hence it's two weeks as BRR Album Of the Week. (This/last week's selection, Mates Of State's Rearrange Us, is also pretty awesome. Very recommended.)

Oh, and by the way, what the heck are tapas? I seriously don't get it. It's like you just eat a bunch of appetizers for dinner? Really?

Uh, we already have that here in the USA. It's called Chili's. Freaking tricky Spaniards - you are not fooling me. Not for one second.


chanel said...

dylan, you're so cultured. i haven't a clue what you're talking about.
have fun tonight!

Candace said...


mama's puttin' on a little makeup cause we are going out to-NIGHT!!! yeehaw!


jason quinones said...

haven't given the new death cab a listen yet but it's on the to do list. i just haven't been in the mood for his brand of sad sackery as of late.

but i bet they put on a good show. their concert film whose name i'm forgetting right now was kinda cool.

have fun at the show and remember to just say no if someone offers you some "wacky tabaccy"

Emilio Z. said...

Thanks a lot for adding me! Of course I love being linked from your blog. cheers to blog linking bro!