Kneel Before Zod

It's official, I'm going to start saying "OMZ!" and will not stop until it catches on as a fad and then I'm gonna cash in on the OMZ!fever with like t-shirts and stuff and retire at 32 a gazillionaire and buy an island and then hunt men for sport, starting with Ashton "Cougar Bait" Kutcher. Who's with me?


jason quinones said...

sorry to burst your bubble but i think i've seen this on a t-shirt already.

according to urbandictionary.com...

"oh my zod - varinat of oh my god. used primarily by atheists and those who wish to be cool."

you're not an atheist and you're already too cool for school so maybe it's back to ye olde drawing board as far as t-shirt designs go.

Dylan said...

Jason, you can't see me, because we're on the internet and all, but I totally have my fingers in my ears and am repeating "Nanana! I can't hear you!" over and over.

I refuse to give up on my chance at Internets fame just because this Urbandictionary.com thing (sounds made up to me) says my bajillion dollar idea is already spoken for.

I hereby swear to will this fad into existence and then rewrite history through sheer determination until the past is altered to say that I created this fad first.

Such is the power of my will. Truly it is like unto iron.