Mixtape = Love

Hi. So I haven't started on July's mix yet. But I'm going to. For reals. For really reals. But I need a starting point. Here's where you come in. I'm gonna give you some titles with a loose musical sketch. Which one would you like to hear?

* It Came From ... the Garage! - Soundtrack for a bar fight at a Stooges show in downtown Detroit, circa 1969.

* Fake Mustaches - No idea. I just like the title.

* Travelogue - World music-y eclectica. Lots of songs in not- or not-quite- English.

* Heliopolis - Songs for the sun.

* Giant Robot vs. Angry Dinosaur - I just like the title on this one, too.

* Like A Knife Through the Night - Late-night driving soundtrack.

* High Fives! - Poppy, energetic stuff, like chasing pop rocks with an ice cold Coke.

Lemme know in the comments section which one you're rooting for. Come on, America needs you to vote! Do it!


Also, if you haven't checked it out recently, we have all the mixes for the year posted over at Mixtapery - the blog for our mixtape club - including Rose's masterpiece, Highly Personal Statement, available for download. That was a big, sloppy sentence. I apologize to every English teacher I have ever had for that one. May you all rest in peace. Or whatever. We're gearing up for the next season with even more slots available for mixtapers (we'd like to post 26 mixes this next cycle - one every two weeks), so if you're interested, lemme know. It's fun.

And as usual, you can download all the BRR Monthly Mixes in my sidebar. See them right there? Yeah. That's them. Go nuts. Let me know what you downloaded and what you liked, mmmkay?



jason quinones said...

i vote for...

"it came from...the garage!"

i honestly felt like i didn't even have to read the rest of the choices cuz no matter what you wrote i still would've voted for garage!

although "like a knife through the night" is a close second choice.

cool illo for this post too.

Dylan said...

Jason, Your vote is noted.

Thanks on the illo. It's from an Art Brut poster I did last year. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Candace said...

like a knife through the night

definitely. okay. pick that one.

b3n said...

Like a Knave Through the Knight, please.

/wait, what?
//yeah that one.

b3n said...

and here's my haiku friday:

physics test today
work,school,work,school,back to work
my head is asplode

Caitlin said...

My vote is for High Fives!

I bet you didn't see that coming.

rose said...

high five the high fives
there is nothing better, right?
go high fives go go!

that was my comment and a haiku even though it is saturday.

Dave L said...

Like a knife through the night all the way.