Because You Loved Me

I made this wallpaper at work today in honor of the Olympics. It is so inspirational it will make your eyeballs explode and then you will go and win gold medals like crazy. With no eyes, even. I showed it to a squirrel and it got so motivated it enrolled in law school and now is partner at one of the largest personal injury law offices in the WORLD! Your results may vary, but eyeball exploding is guaranteed or your money back. Download it and enjoy:

There's also a blue version. You're welcome, Internets.


chrishaley said...

That is too awesome.

Patti said...

I work with that squirrel.

Awesome, Dylan.

Candace said...

hee hee.

jason quinones said...


it inspired to want to draw my own comic.

but then my eyeballs explodered.

so i can't draw squat now.

thanks for nothing.

lucky for me i could type this well what with me being sightless and all now...

chanel said...

im inspired!