Friday Five Is Alive!

So last Friday I was out living my rock & roll lifestyle and was not in the office like all day long. So when I checked in on my Feeds that night, it was insane. I blazed through them and consequently missed the fact that Rose had tagged me with some thing called The Friday Five. I felt like a total d-bag when I realized I'd completely ignored her tagging. And I am not a d-bag. I'm a lot of things, but a d-bag is not one of them. So, citizens of the Internet, here is my answer to the Friday Five:

1. What car would you pick of someone were to buy you any car in the world?
Either the 60's Batmobile or the Spider-buggy. Or the Millennium Falcon.

2. Do you prefer to read or watch TV? why?
I prefer to read while I watch TV. Because I multitask. Plus, it makes the books that much better. I mean, how boring would Great Expectations be without that part when Mister Belvedere helped Wesley with the spelling bee or when Miss Havisham adopted Alf and then B.A. busts in and yells "I ain't gettin' on no plane!"? There's a reason it's considered a classic, folks.

3. What is your favorite form of exercise (if any)? why?
I like to do lid-ups. It's an eyelid exercise. Basically, it involves blinking as fast as you can for 90 minutes. I usually do about 20 reps of that a day. It's intense.

4. If you could try one illegal drug and not suffer any life-threatening side effects, what would it be?
Monkey tears.
I heard that after you take it (it's injected via the elbow), you can only speak in adverbs. And I like adverbs. Some would say that I love adverbs. And "Some" is right. We're getting married once it becomes legal to marry parts of speech. I heard Vermont's close to passing legislation. Cross yr fingers! You're all invited to the wedding! It's going to be on a beach in Ibiza. I'll be the one wearing the floor-length otter pelt tunic and the helmet made of chewed-up Starburst candies. I know, it's a little traditional, but what can I say? I'm old-fashioned like that.

5. If you had to give away all of your possessions but could keep just one, what would you keep and why?
My drawing of this guy, whose identity is still a mystery.


So how does this work, Rose? Am I supposed to tag people or make up new questions or what? I suck at the Internet. Please advise.


rose said...

thanks for playing!
we're making the rules up as we go. i think it is my turn to make up the rules, so i say you get to come up with the questions for next friday. you can tag whoever you want but you don't have to. how's that?
at some point this friday five thing could get out of control. so, watch out!

Candace said...

lid ups....ha ha ha.

chanel said...

if you NEVER use the word d-bad again in like the whole world, i would love you ever more.

and i totally did lid ups when i read this! funny funy.

chrishaley said...

Should you get in a habit of tagging and putting questions forth, let me know as I'm always in the market for answering questions for content.