Bullets Fired From the Space Gun

* Sometimes I wonder if, when the aliens/robots/post-apocalyptic cyborg merpeople are searching through the ruins of our society, they will look and say, "Wow. These people really liked Everybody Loves Raymond. Look at this TV Guide. It's on like all of the time. No wonder they went extinct."

* I watched The Hudsucker Proxy again this weekend. Dude, that movie is so dang excellent.

* All I really want out of life is peace, happiness and a personal jetpack. Maybe a backrub now and then. Is that too much to ask for?

* I wonder if Michael Jackson ever walked up to someone, punched them in the mouth and then said "You've been hit by a smooth criminal." I sure hope so. That's just too good to pass up.

* I can't believe someone beat me to killing that accursed Bigfoot. Oh well, down the list we goes. Look out Nessie!

* Ladies & gents, the cover to September's mix, Hot Dog; featuring tracks from Gomez, Supergrass, The Stones, The Kinks and Roxy Music, among others.

* And finally, I received this on Friday. Oh man, Jack Kirby was incredible, wasn't he? It's like somebody poured 100% pure, uncut incredible on to close to 400 pages, never realizing that the world is just not ready for that much awesome in one sitting. And people, this is volume one of four equally-sized volumes. Think about that. And then there's the O.M.A.C. collection, his Etrigan the Demon stuff and the Kamandi Archive Editions. And that's just his late-period DC stuff. That doesn't take into account his late-period Marvel stuff like Devil Dinosaur or The Eternals or all the stuff he did when he pretty much birthed - or at least midwifed (is that the proper term when you're referring to a man? "Midhusbanded"? Who knows?!) - the entire Marvel Universe. And this is all stuff from ONE. PERSON. Unbelievable.

Sadie & I flipped through it before she went to bed and she is now familiar with the New Gods, the Forever People and Mister Miracle. My proper fatherly duties = accomplished. I can pretty much die now and know that I've done what I was put here for. From here on out, it's all gravy. Delicious, beefy gravy.


Allen TenBusschen said...

This post deserves a, "You know, for kids." I love that movie.

Jesse said...

Dang I was taking a big swig of filtered water from my been-used-for-way-to-long-to-consider-it-safe Dasani bottle when I read that Michael Jackson line.

Water all over my face and keyboard.

Good stuff.