Headlights Cut Like...

Here she is, A Knife Through the Night, a mixtape of songs for driving late at night. It's sort of the late-night cousin to No Cars Go. The sun's gone down and you're driving through the moonlight, your headlights cutting through the dark like a knife through the heart of your loneliness.


01. "I have found myself tonight."
02. "I've been getting messages from outer space."
03. "A view beyond the skyline."
04. "Wanting. Needing. Feeling."
05. "Taking different roads."
06. " . . . "
07. "You've got disaster on your mind."
08. "Caught in a motion that I don't wanna stop."
09. "I know why you stare East."
10. "All the most exotic places they are cultivated."
11. "Off the map where the wild things grow."
12. "I can't see a thing in the sky."
13. "Yet my hands are shaking."
14. "Red cherries slashing up the night."
15. " . . . "
16. "Now I'm darker than the deepest sea."
17. "In the night, through the door."
18. "I guess you wouldn't call it a scene."
19. "You can forgive or you can regret."
20. "I shivered the whole night through."

Download it here.

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b3n said...

Muchas Gracias. I'll listen to it during my Chemistry Final in a couple hours.