I Put the "Me" In "Meme"

As a fully-deputized agent of the Internet, it is my duty to pounce on every single little meme that comes along, no matter how old and crusty it may be. So, without further ado, here's my 50 Things I Love About Comics (In No particular Order):

1. The Madman Of Snap City
2. Mutant street beatniks
3. The X-gene
4. Archaeologists Of the Strange
5. Ramona Flowers' Evil Ex-boyfriends
6. Street Angel
7. Batman: Year One
8. Paul Pope's inky lines
9. Nextwave: Agents Of H.A.T.E. versus evil broccoli men
10. M.O.D.O.K.
11. M.O.D.A.M.
12. When Buddy Baker looks out at you, the reader, in Animal Man
13. Art Adams drawing pretty much anything
14. That mansion on Greymalkin Lane
15. Doctor Strange's fingers
16. AIM's bee-keeper uniforms
17. Concrete in general
18. The Mount Everest story in particular
19. There's a 13-year-old in me that still thinks The Dark Knight Returns is the greatest piece of literature the Western world has ever produced.
20. Seaguy
21. Chubby Da Choona
22. The Mummy On the Moon
23. The Wasps Of Atlantis
24. The Fantastic Four
25. Particularly when they're going to Atlantis and Reed gives them this chewing gum that will help them to breathe underwater. Completely ludicrous, yet somehow genius.
26. The ever-lovin' blue eyed idol of millions, Benjamin Grimm. Even Pineapple Thing. Especially the Pineapple Thing.
27. Grant Morrison's love note to the Marvel U: Marvel Boy
28. X-Force/X-Statix
29. Doop!
30. The Orphan playing Russian Roulette every night before bed
31. That issue of Global Frequency where the people all think they've seen an angel and they all go crazy.
32. The fact that there is literally no limit to what can happen on a page.
33. Jordan Crane's The Clouds Above
34. Jay Stephens
35. Parademons
36. Celestials
37. Hellboy punching out a giant Nazi cyborg gorilla
38. Little Nemo
39. The Doom Patrol
40. The Brotherhood Of Dada
41. The existential horror lurking beneath every single panel of Peanuts.
42. Fake swearing symbols.
43. The Far Side. Seriously, it shaped me in ways I can't explain.
44. Bullets fired backward through time.
45. The Shadow King, even if he is sort of a lame Freddie Kreuger rip-off.
46. Those dumb Marvel "_____head" nicknames: Ol' Shellhead, Webhead, Hornhead, etc.
47. Jeff Smith's Bone
48. Nick Freaking Fury.
49. Alan Moore's Supreme: Best. Superman comics. Ever.
50. The Hulk's purple ripped pants. Seriously, purple?


chrishaley said...

I love you.

Allen TenBusschen said...

Seconded, You are truly all that can be! Best list ever, OMG MADMAN is the best, and really you don't enjoy Gaiman, that is a mind bullet that shot me in the brain. I Heart the Sandman Series and even his novel. But you are 100 percent right about Moore's writing style, which is why I cannot really get into it. But I am kind pumped for the movie

Dylan said...

Chris & Allen, I love you guys, too.

Allen, I git halfway through Sandman book two and had just had enough. It's just sooooo pretentious and angsty and goth and So very 90's. Also, Neil Gaiman seems very concerned with letting you know how clever Neil Gaiman is.

And Moore's one of the greats of the medium. He's just sort of boring in his meticulousness and his prose gets downright purple at times. That said, I really enjoyed the first 12 issues or so of his Tom Strong book, liked large swatches of Top Ten and his run on Supreme is really quite phenomenal.

chrishaley said...

I really wanted to go through your list and talk about a lot of your choices one at a time and why I loved them too... but I'm at work, and that'd be the kind of thing that'd take a while.
Know I thought about it though!