Solving the Unsolved Mystery

Rose got it. The Mystery Man is revealed:

Thanks to everybody who played along. And thanks to the budding artist who drew some vaguely 70's rocker dude with a mustache and decided it looked most like Eric Clapton. Wherever you are, thank you. You have made the Internet a slightly more interesting place.


rose said...

sweet! i'm just glad i finally know who it is. it was really bugging me. it could have been any one of those guys. that look was pretty popular back then.

b3n said...

Congrats Rose! That's an unbelievably bad representation of Eric Clapton, but yeah, good job anonymous artist dude or dudette who picked up a sharpie and in an LSD fueled stupor, picked up the latest copy of Rolling Stone and copied the cover page. Rock and Roll, Baby!

jason quinones said...

eric clapton?? i woulda never gussed that!

that weiner dog in the hot dog costume pic above this post looks more like eric clapton than this pic does!

well, that's what drugs'll do to ya!