Haiku Friday: Haiku 4 U

Wrote a bunch of haiku on the train this morning:

Basement lights are on
In the middle of the day.
What goes on down there?


Guy with the DiscMan,
There's this great new invention;
It's called an iPod.


Oh, hey! George Lucas,
Let me take over Star Wars.
You've lost it, homeboy.


You know when I say
"It's on like Donkey Kong"
That it is so on.


And finally, an Olympic-themed haiku:

Michael Phelps won like
One million gold medals, but
His ears are still big.


As usual, your haiku creations are more than welcome in the comments section.


John Kendall said...

You sir, are a renaissance man.

jason quinones said...

Comics are so cool.

I love the stories and art.

My wife could care less.