Abraham, Zombies & John

John Kendall is a man of action. While the rest if us are sitting around, thinking to ourselves, "Man, I should really print out that D.I.Y. Abe Dylan/I posted and take some awesome/hilarious pictures," John Kendall is out there doing it. Because that's the kind of man he is. Here's John's D.I.Y. Abe getting attacked by zombies:

Excellent. Has anybody else done one of these yet? I'm doing one this weekend for sure.

Also, I just swatted at a fly that landed on my monitor and I think I killed it, but I don't see a corpse, so I'm unable to determine it's vital status. Should I presume the little fella dead, or do I wait a few days before notifying the authorities/making funeral arrangements? I have no idea what the protocol is here.

Oh, never mind. A fly just buzzed past me. Looked like the same one. Segmented eyes. Sucker face. Vaguely poo-y smell. I guess I've got some killin' to do tonight.

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chrishaley said...

Well, when you smash something (such a thing as a fly for instance) and find no evidence of it's smashedness, the first thing you should assume is that you have destroyed it utterly.
Like, on an atomic level your powerful smashing has completely obliterated it from existence.

You should then assume that any other flies you see are family members of the one you annihilated out for revenge.