Mystical Mysticness!

I recently asked for you all to ask me "Yes" or "No" questions that would be answered by magical means. And now that one of you has actually asked a question, I can consult my magical device to divine an answer for you.

But first, you may ask "From whence do these answers come? What magical tome holds the answer to any question that can be answered either positively or negatively?" and to that I answer: it comes from This Old Box Of Comics. But more specifically, it comes from here:

The Original Ghost Rider Rides Again #4 of 5, a Ghost Rider reprint book published November 1991. It has magic powers. One time I had a headache and I held it up to my head and the pain disappeared. It holds every answer to every question in the history of the world. Because it is full of magic like a unicorn on drugs or something. For serious.

But I, as they say, digest.

Let's answer Chris' question, "What should I do?"

Oops! It looks like Ghost Rider is not too pleased that Chris' question cannot be answered by "Yes" or "No" and is threatening him with a beat-down of immense proportions.

Because Ghost Rider is a jerk like that.

I know, totally magic, right? What question will he answer next?! Only you can decide! Well, you and the magical forces that permeate the ether, but you know what I mean. Ask your question in the comments or you or someone close to you will get athlete's foot. It happened to a friend of mine' uncle's girlfriend. For serious. Spooky, right?

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b3n said...

If a brazillion people were to simultaneously and spontaneously combust leaving only pure carbon, would you use your super strength to compress that stuff and make a diamond pendant out of them?

Then would you wear that diamond pendant on your lapel to all of your social functions, exclaiming "I made this pendant out of a brazillion people. They combusted. I smooshed the carbon into this perty little diamond. And if you think it's cubic zirconium, I'll have to cut your face." ?