City Beasts!

See those monsters? They're a set of stickers I whipped up a few weeks ago and plastered in secret spots all over Ohio City here in the Cleve. I call them City Beasts. I need to photograph a few of them before they disappear. I tried to draw and color them as quickly as possible and hoped that nature would make them even more interesting. I like the drippy blood on the claws and fangs.

You like?


Patti said...

Very cool, Dylan.

chanel said...

i guess you're not 100% your dad yet? unless he puts stickers around vegas too????

Dylan said...

Patti, thanks.

Chanel, no the transformation is not complete ... yet. I still have all my hair (and that's not going anywhere, hopefully) and a sense of humor. If either of those disappear, I will soon after begin building my cocoon in preparation for the metamorphosis.

Poetic Blather said...

Those are hip. I can't wait to see those neon prowlers in action! +