This Old Box Of Comics Strikes Back

Who hid Orion's eyebrow waxing kit? You better tell him now. He looks pretty pissed.


From Super Powers #4 of 4, published December 1986 wherein Orion looks like a total doofus for some reason. (I realize it's modeled after the Super Powers toy, but still. He looks like Ram-Man from Masters Of the Universe's "special needs" kid brother or something. Like he'd hurt himself severely if he took that thing off. And that monstrous unibrow is not helping. He's normally not so caveman-looking. Go figure.)

PS: A big "Happy birthday" to Chris Haley. Rock over London. Rock on, Chicago. 7-11: It's a sign of the times.

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Mr. Philippe said...

wonder if the carpet matches the drapes, oohh low blow