More Mixes!

A few weeks ago, King Of the Internets and all-around swell guy, The Chris Haley and I did another Ping Pong mix, taking turns choosing songs to try and stump one another. Because we are incredibly clever, we named it Return Of the Ping (okay, that was Chris' idea, but it's a good one, so I'm gonna tag onto it). He did some drawings (that's Chris with his huge sword and me with, what else, a flaming skull), I colored them and made the album art and now it's available to download right here. Just for you.

Track # / Artist / Title

01 / Summercamp / Nowhere Near
02 / They Might Be Giants / Twisting
03 / Polaris / She Is Staggering
04 / FOTC / The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)
05 / Phantom Planet / Always On My Mind (London Version)
06 / Guided By Voices / Game Of Pricks (Live)
07 / Black Rebel Motorcycle Club / Need Some Air
08 / The Creation / Biff! Bang! Pow!
09 / Old 97's / The Villain
10 / Langhorne Slim / By The Time The Sun's Gone Down
11 / Hank Snow / Would You Mind?
12 / The Band / Rag Mama Rag
13 / Queen / Tie Your Mother Down
14 / Frank Zappa & The Mothers / My Guitar Wants To Kill Yr Mama
15 / Nada Surf / Mother's Day
16 / Born Ruffians / Kurt Vonnegut
17 / The Sun / (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman
18 / Steve Burns / Mighty Little Man
19 / Extreme / Star
20 / The Unicorns / Les Os


Jesse said...

These Pong mixes are great. Tell me a little more about the rules...you're trying to stump one another meaning "I bet you can't guess who this is" or "I bet you can't follow this one up"...

Here's a request for a future mix: a mixtape for toddlers. Everything from the expected They Might be Giants and Dan Zanes stuff to the rare Bob Dylan or Stones or Toxic Avengers or whoever tracks that actually happen to work really well for kids...

chrishaley said...

Jesse - The idea of Dylan and I's "Ping Pong mixes" is that one of us starts and then the other has to follow up with a song that is somehow related/connected to the previous song. This can be as obvious or as obtuse as we like.
Sometimes it's a thematic link between the songs or the titles of the songs share a word(s) or a word that figured prominently in the previous song might be in the band's name of the following song.
It's intentionally a fairly loose rule system we've created, but that's part of the fun.
And yes, I would say that towards the end of the mixes there is a certain level of "I bet you can't top this"-ness that emerges.