POW! - Alleyways & Avenues

Shot on the way to the train with my Lomo Action Sampler.


Shon said...

That's pretty chill, dawg.

b3n said...

Does that thing take 4 different exposures? How programmable is it or whatnot. And by programmable I guess I mean what kind of knobs does it have because it's an analog camera, right?

I watched Fringe and it's (all caps on)totally awesome(/all caps on). We enjoyed it. Didn't seem to take itself too seriously which would have been it's downfall.

Are there any true natives on the Lost island? Like is there anyone, anything with it's heart on the right hand side or something?

Dylan said...

Ben, re: the camera: It's a Lomography Action Sampler. You can take a look at the retailer description here. It is completely analog and not at all programmable. There are four little plastic lenses on the front that take four little pictures, milliseconds apart onto one 35mm exposure. There's this bird-like whirring when you depress the shutter. It's strangely satisfying, that sound.

Re: Fringe: I watched the last half of the premiere again last night. I like it. I wasn't falling all over myself, but it hooked me for tomorrow night's episode (did you see the teaser for that? With the instantly pregnant stripper making horror babies? Very awesome.) Seriously, if you reference Altered States in your premiere episode, you pretty much have me until you're canceled.

Re: Lost natives. Dude. I have no idea. I seriously have given up trying to figure it out and have just resigned myself to relaxing and enjoying the ride. Actually, I'm gonna start a "What W Know/What We Can Guess" thread over on the board. Anybody game?

b3n said...

I'm game.