Something For the Weekend

You may recall that I purchased Kung Fu: The Year Of the Tiger by Lee Chang recently. You know, the book described on the front cover as "The most thrilling, action-packed series ever published!" Yeah, that's it right there; to the left. See. Awesome, right? Well, it is. What? You don't believe me? Okay then, let me convince you by reading (or, uh, typing) a randomly selected passage from this, the pinnacle of Western (Eastern?) literature:

That's when Gus saw that there were three men in the cab!

And that's when Mace turned to him, and the surprised Yard foreman saw that he was staring at - a Chinese!

Gus couldn't say any more! He felt only a flash of intense pain in his throat and then fell into a choking blackness.

Mace had swung around and tomahawked him across the Adam's apple!

I know, I know, it's incredible. Good luck finding any other copies. I did a quick glance online for #2 (this one's labeled as #1 and they refer to it as a "series" on the cover, so there must be more, right? Please say"yes"!) but came up empty. In any case, I'll be posting quotes every now and then. Maybe you artistic guys and gals out there will submit some illustrations? Maybe?

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John Kendall said...

Talk about a masterclass in the exclamation mark!