TV Eye

Well, it's almost time for the TV to get good again. Not that this summer was horrible; the Olympics and conventions kept me occupied, entertainment-wise, but it'll be good to settle into some sort of TV-watching habit in the next few weeks. Here's what I'll be watching:

Sunday night sort of sucks for TV, though I will probably allow myself to be sucked in to The Amazing Race while flipping between that and The Simpsons. (Which is kind of like watching a once-majestic beast slowly bleed out in the middle of the road. It's sort of sad, The Simpsons. It's funny enough, but any more it just feels like a clearinghouse for jokes deemed too tame by the Family Guy writing staff, which I imagine to be populated by poo-flinging monkeys and 12-year-old boys.) Oh yeah, and I'll watch America's Funniest Home Videos because I'm a horrible person and I find other peoples' pain hilarious.

How I Met Your Mother is a must-see. And if I remember it's on, I'll watch Boston Legal. A big "no thanks" to Heroes (though I'll probably flip through it and wonder what's wrong with me because I just don't get that show) and I'll probably flip between The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Chuck while I wait for HIMYM because The Big Bang Theory causes cancer.

I'll probably miss House due to church responsibilities (we have no DVR because we have no cable. We have rabbit ears. Like savages. But hey, if it was good enough for the pioneers, it's good enough for us, right? Which, incidentally, is why we heat our house solely by burning cow pies.) and I'll stay on Fox for Fringe, which is still sort of not really clicking with me. It has all the pieces to be really freaking awesome but it needs to stop being so angsty and dramatic and just be fun and radical. (Remember when I said the same about Bionic Woman? Let's hope this lasts a bit longer.)

New Adventures Of Old Christine is a sure bet. I may try out Pushing Daisies, but other than that, Wednesday looks like a wash until Lost shows up and rocks my brains to pieces.

NBC's comedy lineup is locked in. I can take or leave My Name Is Earl and I'm not sure about Kath & Kim (Though I want oh so badly for it to be funny), but The Office and 30 Rock are complete gold. Especially30 Rock. Seriously, if you read this blog and have not watched it, I hereby decree that you must do so or, uh, I won't let you read the blog any more. Or something. Yeah.

Not much here except Life at 10p on NBC. I really fell in love with this show last season. It's like Kojak if Kojak were completely insane. Here's the high concept: Detective Charlie Crews just got out of jail, exonerated after serving 12 years for a crime he didn't commit. He likes fruit and kōan-esque bits of wisdom. Also, it's entirely possible he's completely lost his mind. Each episode is a done-in-one police procedural that also advances the overarching B-plot of Crews trying to figure out who set him up and why. It's very smart, sort of like a less acidic House with less medical stuff and more guns.

I'll check out the Knight Rider repeat if only to shake my head repeatedly and think of all the ways I would make it more awesome. Or just, you know, watch a movie or something.

So there's my TV Guide. What am I missing out on? What am I crazy for watching? Lemme know in the comments.


Caitlin said...

I don't know if it's an actual memory or just an idea in my head but I can totally see you and Candace watching America's Funniest Home videos and laughing right out loud.

cbhoff said...

I heart HIMYM, Lost, My Name is Earl, Chuck, 30 Rock and Bones. I mean, really heart them.

I think The Fringe and Sarah Connor Chronicles are disgusting. I like Fringe but have to close my eyes in parts. SCC makes me anxious. I just don't like it when bad guys don't die.

I can see what you mean about Big Bang Theory but it passes the time.

I'm a new fan of Pushing Daisies. I passed on House last season b/c I didn't like his new team but just watched the last three ep. and think I may watch this season.

I spend too much time watching TV but man do I love wasting time laying on the couch watching shows on my computer. It equals happiness.

rose said...

good choices. i'm with you on "my name is earl". i'm getting bored with earl. i think the whole coma/alyssa milano/flashback thing ruined it for me.
i don't know how i am going to do it, but my TV goal is to get caught up on "lost" before the new season begins... one of the cable networks had a marathon the other day and i recorded them all. so far i have seen zero episodes.
(isn't it sad i have a TV goal?)

Papa said...

I can't help myself, but a note from the gray side or in my case the bald side is forthwith.

I only watch religious programs on Sunday, like NFL and NBA.

Fringe is a go, crazy mad scientist, cute chick, but kind of next door neighbor cute. It's Boston, one of the coolest cities in the world and the 3D location graphics are pretty cool.

Chuck, what can I say, I'm a computer nerd, spent decades in technology on the edge with out a big IPO break through.

Sarah Connors, not the best casting, but it still has terminator hardware. I DVR it, but comes in low on the priority list of things to watch later.

Boston Legal is great, despite the most biased, hyper-political, liberal and crazy (hmmm..that might be redundant) writing on TV. It's Boston and Denny Craine!

HIMYM and BBT don't work for me, although I rather like the female characters on both. The male characters I would like to b...h slap or maybe get their chromosomes checked.

Lost, why does it take so long to make more episodes, it makes me itch and there's no way to scratch.

Earl, DVR and check it out, the Office (hope that they can keep it up) and 30 Rock, crazy funny arguably funnier than the office.

The New Adventures of Old Christine is in the bucket with Earl and Sarah Connors.

In the group of best shows from last season, in my opinion, along with Lost and Heros is Life. This show is smart and clever. The protagonist is played by the main character in Band of Brothers, Major Winters, Damian Lewis. A great side kick in Adam Arkin (see Northern Exposure). Did I mention a hot Latin chick. And everything you said.

Do you think my wife reads your blog. If so might be losing my TV privileges.

Jenny + Mark = Love said...

Dylan, I heard a rumor that HIMYM is moving to Weds? I haven't confirmed this, but just wanted to share. I keep trying to go to the CBS website to confirm, but I keep getting an error.
I am super excited for LIFE to come back on. Rose got me hooked on The Cleaner which airs on the A&E station. I have high hopes for Kath & Kim, but only time will tell.

Mr. Philippe said...

Dexter on HBO doesn't deliver in all episodes but some are downright killer. har har har

Patti said...

um, I just saw these comments . . . google reader keeps me from most. I'm gonna say right now I don't think that "papa" person is anyone I know.


Bride said...

he said "b-slap"