Neon Tan

Bonus mix!

I know, I know, I'm too good to you. It's true, but what can I say? You deserve it.

This was initially the September mix (or the beginnings of it, anyway), but my iTunes ate it, so I set about pulling together Hot Dog, which worked out better anyway (anybody listened to it yet? Thoughts?).

Still, I couldn't leave this idea of a sort of dancey, neon-soaked mix alone, so I started working on this, perfecting it over the last week or so. I like to think of it as the mix from the hippest punk rock dance club on the moon. Featuring tracks from Justice, Franz Ferdinand, Gang Of Four, MGMT and Black Kids (among others), it's a pretty slamming mix. Download it here and let me know what you think.


b3n said...

I've heard it and it's becoming #2 in my cache of Dylan's mixtapes. I've got a couple reasons for this. First, every song on the mix I like. Second, I'm familiar with 2/3 of the mix and completely unfamiliar with the other 1/3. And that other 1/3 are bands I now have plans on listening to. And that, friend, is the reason we do this.

b3n said...

dude, i totally thought i was in a nintendo 8 or 16-bit game during the first song. radical.