Conan the Brainbarian

So John posted a link to an article about creativity which says, basically, that it's all about routine. That the trick to doing it (whatever "it" is) is just, y'know, actually doing it. So I'm just going to do this blog thing. I'm not going to over-think it or whine if it's not coming and just do it. I'm going to try and be as regular as Metamucil, whether each post is killer or not, because I owe it to the Internet. I owe it to you. I owe it to America.

Ray Bradbury, in his excellent book on writing Zen In the Art Of Writing, talks about his secret to creativity (which is very similar to what Graham Greene is quoted as saying in the linked essay and also similar to the advice given by Chris yesterday): If you want to be a good writer (or blogger or designer or painter or accountant or alligator wrestler), do it and do it Every. Single. Day.

That's it. That's the secret.

Bradbury mentions that the stuff he writes daily is sometimes not very good, but the good stuff comes because of the continual "practicing", for lack of a better word, of the art. Because whatever muscle you're working when you work on whatever it is you're working on (hooray for convoluted sentences!) is being continually flexed, exercised, strengthened.

So yeah, let's get mind-buff. Operation: Shut Up And Just Do It You Crybaby! is in full effect. Who's with me? Let's rock some mamma-jammin' skulls:

Thanks to all of your for your support. You guys rock like heavy metal played by killer zombie aliens from the flaming planet Rawck which orbits the dying star Rowl in a universe full of mythical beasts with unpronounceable names. Forever & ever.


Candace said...

so true. although sometimes walking away for a bit can be good too.

your last paragraph = hilarious.

i love you.

chrishaley said...

Dude, we rock like heavy metal played by THOR!

Now we are even.
Blog comment post plugging even.
It's crazy because both of our blog comment plugging post comments were actually related/appropriate to the posts we were replying to.. ok, I have no idea if that sentence is making sense, but I know it is supposed to and does in my brain.

chrishaley said...

Also, it is completely awesome that without meaning to I shared an idea with Ray Bradbury.
Who is my favorite author.

Also, the "word verification" word is written in the Fantastic Four font.

Dylan said...

Chris, Great minds, blah blah blah. Also re: the word verification thingy: Coincidence? I think not.