C is fof "Cat’s Pajamas, The"

Things that are "the Cat's Pajamas":

* Vespas. I so need one of these.

* The new R.E.M. album, Accelerate as well as this week's A-OK! - I'm From Barcelona's Let Me Introduce My Friends. I have been rocking both with a singleminded determination bordering on psychosis.

* This lady is the Cat's Pajamas:

Fun, smart, creative and dang cute, too. Also, and you may not know this, she is a bona fide internet sensation. It's true, she is.

* Also, my newly upgraded Flickr Pro account, a gift from my lady. See above item.

* I ate like 25 Ikea meatballs last night.

* Did you know that Woody Allen's Zelig was originally supposed to be titled The Cats Pyjamas? Well, it was.

* Muxtape. Anybody else on there?

* This new Björk video.

* Battlestar Galactica season four tonight. Now if only I had seen season three yet.

* I know I've flagged his blog before, but Tony Carpenter's Scans, Images & Emphemera is Off. The. Hook. Go! Check it out!

* Tomorrow is Saturday. Best. Day. Ever. Am I right or am I right?

What do you guys think? What would yo uclassify unde rthe banner or "The Cat's Pajamas" right now? I must know!


Today's word courtesy the indomitable Jason.

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chanel said...

Candace IS the CP Queen!!!