P is for "Promise" as in, "I Promise to Update With Relevant Content Sometime Today But I Saw This and Promptly Freaked Out So I Had To Share It*"

This, my friends, is really excellent news. Like, "I seriously can't believe this is actually real and not just some weird/amazing dream that I will wake from with a overwhelming sense of loss once I realize it was a dream and will probably be inconsolably morose all day long, like some part of me had shriveled up and died in the corner of my heart and it's starting to stink a little, while the whole day I just wish and wish that I could have slept long enough to at least have heard this sadly imaginary, but undoubtedly brilliant album by two of my favorite recording artists ever. Ever."

This is like if the ghosts of Abraham Lincoln and Isaac Newton, after they defeated that first wave of Martians intent on invading the Earth in 1965, decided to re-team and fight those Mole-Men who swarmed out of a crack in the Earth near the North Pole back in 1987 instead of leaving that mess for Cyborg George Washington and Martha Stewart to take care of. This news is at least that cool.

Probably cooler.

* PS: I misspelled "Promise" twice - in two different ways - when typing the title of this post. Such is my excitement over this announcement. Also, if you're not subscribing to David Byrne's journal well, then I don't know why we're keeping up this charade of an internet friendship. Maybe we should just see other people's' blogs. You know, make a clean break of it.

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rose said...

this is very exciting!!!!