K is for "You're Kidding Me, Right?"

This has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. And I have watched roughly one million Walker, Texas Ranger episodes. I mean, I can understand Marvel Zombies, that was fun and tapped into the zombie zeitgeist (which has totally passed, entertainment world. Please take note) that was in full swing when it was solicited. This, Marvel Apes (I grimace when I type it, in case you were wondering) thing makes no sense. It's like Marvel is using a random word generator or something. I'm surprised it's not New Marvel Apes. Seriously, this is stupid.

In other news, I have successfully turned my three-year-old daughter into a nerd. We were at Toys R Us Friday night, getting a birthday present for Claire's first birthday (and checking out the new summer blockbuster toys ... no Indy toys? WTH?!) and as Candace was paying, Sadie climbed into one of those coin-op little cars. Spider-Man was driving it. It wasn't the Spider Buggy. Sad, I know. Anyway, she was sitting there, having some sort of conversation with Spidey when I walked over.

"Oh, hi dad. This is Spider-Man." Sadie explains, putting her arm around him. He look smaller in person, BTW.

"Oh yeah? And what's your name?" I ask this because Sadie is almost always someone else. It's cute, except she never lets you know who she is and gets sort of pissed if you don't know which of her lineup of aliases she's using.

"I'm Princess Leia. I'm his wife." she says, matter-of-factly.

This is what happens when nerds are allowed to reproduce. Girls, if a guy can name 15 superheroes and their secret identities/real names off the top of his head and/or seriously considered a career as a Jedi: Just Say "No."


jason quinones said...

that cover art and storyline looks and feels like the brainchild of a ritalin popping 12 year old. so it might be cool in theory if it actually was... but it probably isn't.

huston/lilia said...

when lil told me that ella's birthday party this year would probably have something to do with princesses or disney cartoons (or both... the horror) i realized that until i produced a boy i wouldn't see a cool birthday party.

so i instantly set about convincing my 3 year old nephew that he WANTS a star wars birthday party. so far it's working and i couldn't be happier.