Some Things To Consider:

1. I was a lot better at the lists than I am at this letter thing. Maybe I should have written/shared letters like Patti did? I could have written a letter to Neil Armstrong or William Shatner. Is it too late to change? We'll see what next month's NaBloPoMo challenge is and see if I can get behind it.

2. Was that guy on the train seriously sneering at the fact that I was reading Colbert's I Am America (& So Can You!)? Do people not get the joke? To be fair, when I saw him interviewed by Bill O'Reilly, I had a hard time telling them apart.

3. I'm selling my CD collection. I still need to list about 100 of them on Amazon. I saved some: the Flaming Lips' 4-disc masterpiece Zaireeka, The Visible Man - remix album of David Byrne's Feelings album, my Pet Sounds Sessions box set, but it's been a lot easier than I thought it would be. I just don't want to hang on too long and then be that guy with a really awesome laserdisc collection that is, effectively, worthless.

5. You know what an excellent word is? "Colophon."

6. Tomorrow night's TV is going to rockrockrock. 9:00p - 9:30p: The Office. 9:30p - 10:00p: 30 Rock. 10:00p - 11:00p: Lost. Me = In Heaven.

7. Colin Meloy's (of the overly-literary, but still good, the Decemberists) former alt-country (!) band, Tarkio, is really dang good. I think that if I had heard them before the Decemberists, I'd have had an easier time getting into the, uh, Decemberists, if that makes sense. I used "the Decemberists" too many times in that last sentence. If you're curious, I included a track in May's BRRmix. Which leads me to...

8. I finished May's mix. You can preview the album art here. I'm seriously tempted to post it now, but won't no matter how much you clamor for it because that will make May feel that much longer. It's all about the anticipation, right, Jesse? Anyway, this month's mix is (obviously) titled Folk Star. Folky, strumm-y, rock-y, a little goofy? I like it. That's the important part, right? I mean, you get what you pay for, free-loaders!

9. There is nothing on TV on Wednesday nights. Nothing!!!

10. I want one of these. Maybe two. They are freaking adorable. Like a kitten riding a unicorn through a field of daisies while eating an ice cram cone made from pink fluffy clouds.

11. Why can't we have a meal where we just eat cake? Don't you think that would make everybody just a little happier? I'm pretty sure that there are no problems in life or the world that cannot be solved with the addition of cake. Or cheesy salsa. ¡Con queso!

12. I think this 33 1/3 book series is pretty cool. I just put Joe Pernice's Meat Is Murder, Colin Meloy's ("More Meloy?", you say? Oh, you betcha.) Let It Be (the Replacements one, not the Beatles one, though they're both excellent) and Douglas Wolk's Live At the Apollo on hold at the library. Wheee!

13. I'm excited for this show. The venue's right down by the Cuyahoga (good thing it's not spontaneously catching on fire anymore!) river on a summer evening. Should be really nice.

14. I'm not superstitious, but I really didn't want this list to end on number 13 so I'll just leave you with this little quiz: "Who would win in a fight and why: a pissed-off grizzly bear protecting her cubs or a pissed-off Iggy Pop protecting his heroin?" Please answer below.


Patti said...

Okay, first, your letter posts have been awesome. Amazing. Second, I agree about cake. Third, I can't answer #14 - no idea at all.

If you could do one more letters post using them all, that'd be great. Those are awesome - I think I said that in the last paragraph . . .

Caitlin said...

I seriously cannot wait for that mixtape! This last week of April is going to be like torture.

And #14... I say Iggy Pop only because he is WAY scarier looking than a grizzly.

Patti said...

and it's never too late to write a letter to William Shatner...

jason quinones said...

iggy pop! hands down...if it was iggy pop circa 1970-whatever. he's looking pretty tired nowadays!

i love me some colbear repore!! (i spelled it phonetically.) my decision to buy the book had a lot to do with that chapter photo of him all puffy cheeked trying not to blow chunks while reading the NY times. still cracks me up!

jason quinones said...

wednesday night is usually all about ultimate fighting championship re-runs on spike tv in casa de quinones!

if you're into that sorta thing. the wife loves her some george "rush" st. pierre.

b3n said...

It's called "dessert".

Iggy Pop. Because he's already done it. Multiple Times.

Dylan said...

Ben, Dessert is an addendum to dinner. I'm talking about a whole meal.

And re: Iggy Pop; I like the way you think. I like where your head's at.

chanel said...

uh, where have you been? Cake is a meal, aka breakfast.
and PLEASE write a letter to those people.