Y Is For "Yesterday's News"

What follows is a series of news items that I must comment on or the internet will break itself in two. Here goes:

ITEM! This whole Woody Allen/American Apparel thing is bizarro, innit? I mean, "sex sells" but not that kind of sex, pervy American Apparel guy.

ITEM! I like me some Cusack. John, Joan, whoever, but this is a little overboard. But then again, sometimes you do crazy things for love, right? Am I the only one who thought that Cusack's character in Say Anything was a little too, I dunno, aggressive there at the end? Like at any moment it could turn real ugly real fast with restraining orders and whatnot? I'm just sayin'.

ITEM! I have started an ephemera/work dump over on Flickr. I'm gonna try and upload something every day, but don't hold me to that. I'll do what I can. If you're on there, feel free to add me as a contact, kay?

ITEM! Did you see who's hosting SNL this week? I will definitely have to take measures to make sure I don't fall asleep a half-hour into the episode only to wake up all confused sometime around 4am.

ITEM! I'm pretty psyched for the new Islands album. And you should be, too.

ITEM! The New York Post is my new favorite newspaper. Okay, so not really, but still.

ITEM! This initially was a fairly lengthy post about the Whiskeytown album Strangers Almanac, the Deluxe Edition I recently obtained. But it was long and rambling and didn't really have an ending or make a whole lot of sense so I'll just say that you really should own it we'll leave it at that.

ITEM! I'll be posting the April (titled No Cars Go, btw) mix later today so chill out, Ben!

Today's post was submitted by Dave. Who will it be tomorrow? Tune in to find out. Same Bat-time, same Bat-weblog!


Patti said...

Oh Page Six . . . normally I would sneer. Today I will cheer for them. Thank you, Dylan.

Dave L said...

I was thinking, "Who could possibly make Dylan so excited for SNL this week?"

Now I know. I really want to see it now too.

Dylan said...

There is literally no better host for SNL than the Walken. He will defeat anyone who comes into the ring. You hear that Tom hanks, Steve Matrin and John Goodman? Walken will eat your bones!

Your BONES!!!