N is for "News: Good, Bad & Other"

Here's the good news: Guilermo del Toro (not to be confused with my friend Guillermo who works at Del Taco) is officially the director of the big screen adaptation of the Hobbit, with Peter Jackson co-writing and producing. I can be very down with this, although I still say that two three-hour movies for the one book is stretching it out a little.

Now, the bad news: Jimmy Fallon is taking over Conan's late-night spot when Conan moves up to the big leagues this year. I predict a drinking game where a person has to drink whenever Fallon cracks himself up and/or fixes his hair. I also predict a lot of alcohol-related fatalities ("FINISH HIM!") due to aforementioned game.

And finally, in other news, Miley Cyrus is reportedly "writing" her autobiography. It is tentatively titled: You Really Will Buy Anything That Has My Large-Toothed Face On It, Won't You? It will be approximately 23 pages long, double-spaced, set in 36 point type and will be 85% exclamation marks and smiley faces. The book will be dedicated to "All you suckers out there."


jason quinones said...

i hate when celeb-kids ride that cash cow with non-sensical products like this. she's a freakin' 15 year old kid with ZERO insight on anything because she hasn't really lived yet!!!

i guess daddy billy ran out of achey-breaky heart money.

jason quinones said...

and i'd like to beat jimmy fallon to death with the corpse of frank miller!

is that too harsh a statement?