Another Entry In the "What?" FIles

So, the kids fom The !@#$%^&* Hills are on last week's Rolling Stone (which for some reason I only got around to looking at yesterday) cover. That sound you hear? That's the last remaining atom of credibility that Rolling Stone had left dying painfully, snuffed out like a candle. Anyway, so I was flipping through after reading Matt Taibbi's searing political article on the Pennsylvania primary and - now let me preface this rant by saying that I promise I only read this little bitty call-out section of the article because I am still trying to figure out why I should even care about a group of empty-headed, soulless, super-privileged celebretards anyway - and my eye caught on this sidebar was listing all the projects the girls from the show (it is a show, right?) are working on or whatever. Because they need more money. These people definitely deserve riches. Like for sure. Anyway, so my head nearly exploded when I saw this:

WHAT!?! Who in their right mind would play, let alone buy, a Heidi freaking Montag video game? I mean, if the point of the game was to, I dunno, throw her down a flight of stairs or push her in front of a steamroller or feed her to baby Godzillas, then maybe, but come on? What would you do in this game? Collect gold coins and spend them on upgraded noses or something?

Seriously, this world baffles me sometimes. Baff. Fles.

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