Tom Is On My Side

The NPR: All Songs Considered blog posted a press release of Tom Waits interviewing uh, Tom Waits. Check it out. It's an excellent read.

My favorite part? Probably this:

Q: What do you wonder about?

1. Do bullets know whom they are intended for?
2. Is there a plug in the bottom of the ocean?
3. What do jockeys say to their horses?
4. How does a newspaper feel about winding up papier-mâché?
5. How does it feel to be a tree by a freeway?
6. Sometimes a violin sounds like a Siamese cat; the first violin strings were made from cat gut- any connection?
7. When is the world going to rear up and scrape us off its back?
8. Will we humans eventually intermarry with robots?
9. Is a diamond just a piece of coal with patience?
10. Did Ella Fitzgerald really break that wine glass with her voice?

Oh, and his concert next month in Columbus? Sold out. In 19 minutes. That, my good internet buddy, is the very definition of "sucks." Oh well, maybe next time?


jason quinones said...

i should probably be more into this guy's music but for some reason i'm not. but i like him as an actor. the jim jarmusch(probably spelled that wrong) films i've seen him in(down by law,coffee and cigarettes) were pretty cool. in fact his convo with iggy pop was the best thing in that film! he had a cool part in this indie film called wristcutters with patrick fugit from almost famous. i think you'd like that film if you ever get a chance to see it.

Dylan said...

Jason, Tom's definitely an acquired taste. I'd suggest a weekend with Swordfishtrombones and if that doesn't do the trick, well, then the dude's just not for you.

And any movie is made better by the addition of Tom Waits. Mystery Men and Coppola's Dracula are two not very good movies that are made better than they would be just by having minutes of Tom Waits shine inside of them.

jason quinones said...

i forgot he was in dracula. he was good in that too. i won't see mystery men though.

rent wristcutters.

Dylan said...

Mystery Men is not worth the effort. I've tried to find something beyond the name of the villain (Casanova Frankenstein, the disputed but ultimately best villain name ever) to like about it, but I just can't. It's just sort of a mess.