Some Things To Chew On

* Due to some nincompoop franchisee in DC, I was hoping to enjoy some 23¢ Papa John's pizza tonight, but it looks like that may not be happening. Oh well, at least I've got a night of awesome TV, right?

* I can't figure out if this is the most awesome or most adorable thing I have ever seen:

A little help?

* I freaking hate my eyebrows. They get so bushy and long so fast. It's probably my fifth least-attractive feature, right behind my nub of a tail, the seven toes on my right foot, my partially absorbed zygotic twin and the pinkie finger growing out of my spine.

* This James Brown poster is pretty dang radical. As are these James Bond hardcovers from Penguin. Oh, and this illustration of the cover to Pet Sounds courtesy of James Jarvis is pretty mind-blowing, as well.

* Sadie's new haircut is pretty dang cute, eh?

* Should I check out Matt Fraction's new Iron Man series? Has anybody read it?

* There's a new Futureheads album out on the 26th. It is called This Is Not The World. This is proof that there is a benevolent creator that loves us.

* I'm starting to read Neil Gaiman's Sandman and checked out a buttload of The Invisibles volumes from the library. Wish me luck.

* For some reason, the words "Gator Hat," when put together, make me smile in my insides.

* The un-scoop-able John Kendall hipped me to the delicious British comedy, The Mighty Boosh, which, it turns out, is not available on DVD in "the Colonies." Bitter much, Britain? Geez, so we kicked you butt like 200 years ago. Get over it already and just give us all your good TV. I mean, it's only like, what, five shows, max? Come on. Don't be such a "blüdy-wainkur" or whatever the word is that means "d**che" in British.

* Is there a better song in the world than "The Fake Headlines" by the New Pornographers? If you can find one, I will give you your weight in gold doubloons.

* I am sort of really happy the the guy who looks like a dreadlocked Blossom got kicked off of Idol last night even though I could literally - LITERALLY - not care less about that show. Is that weird?

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