He's Like, Super, Man

DC's August solicits hit the web yesterday. In them was this, the cover to the final issue of the always incredible when it comes out which is roughly once in a blue moon All-Star Superman:

If that's not completely incredibly awesome I really don't know what is. I mean, if you can look at that and not want to immediately read it, cover-to-glorious-cover, twice, then there is no hope for you. Go crawl in your coffin, shut the lid and close your eyes and may whatever deity you pray to have mercy on your soul.



jason quinones said...

that is a pretty kick ass cover!

it has a very malcolm x
"by any means necessary " tone to it.

Tor Hershman said...

Amen? AMEN!
AMEN, HAHAHAHAHAHA.....*cough cough* *sniff hack*
Don't you mean
AMENhotep IV?




chrishaley said...

Man, you aren't kidding.
Perfectly said.