Sneak A Peek

Here's a sneak peek at June's mixtape artwork:

Brian Eno, GBV, Pavement, Grandaddy, Art Brut, Devo, Talking Heads, Modern Lovers, Sebadoh. Uh, yeah, this is a pretty "Dylan" mix.

Here's some links to the previous BRR Monthly Mixes to tide you over until June. Let me know which you like the best:

01.08 - Bed Is For Sleeping
02.08 - It's All Fuss
03.08 - Like A Love Affair
04.08 - No Cars Go
05.08 - Folk Star


Caitlin said...

Folk Star is totally the best so far - not that my opinion means a thing - wait, you asked, didn't you?

jason quinones said...

not too many people have the balls to use their own name as an adjective.

bravo sir.