Re: The Lost Finale Last Night

So, uh, just how much did that rock?

To keep this a Spoiler-Free Zone for those of you who still need to watch it, my post will be in the comments section. Let's talk this out, kay?


jason quinones said...

i've really nothing to say accept that this logo reminds me A LOT of the OCP corporate logo from robocop.

Jesse said...

That was a whole lotta awesome--from the first moment when Kate backs up the Volvo (and I thought "oh yeah this is so ON!")to the very end (I was thinking up until the last second that it would be Sawyer in the box--well I went from Ben to Alpert to the tal black guy to Jin to Hurley back to Ben and then finally Sawyer---but never guessed it would be Locke).

So many cool moments:
The Sayid/Keamy smackdown!
"Checkmate Mr. Eko"
"You can go now Michael."
"Just watch what I'm going to do."
"Cut the wrong wire? Boom."
"Hey, Kenny Rogers..."
"You can't take him back to the island."
"You must go back to the island. All of you. Including him."

Some questions:
* Why did the island finally let Michael die? He wasn't able to die before because the island wasn't done with him...did he "redeem" himself? Or is it not about redemption but about unfinished business? Was he destined to save one of our Losties (Jack? Aaron? Desmond?) and once they were safely off the freighter he could die?
* Has Sun joined the Dark Side or is she a double-agent?
* Where are the rafties (Faraday, etc)
* Why oh why does Widmore want Ben back, ALIVE? Perhaps they left the island together at one point, so the only way Widmore can get back is by returning WITH Ben...(although it appears Jack & Co can return with a dead Locke...)
* Is Christian Shepard Jacob? Angel of death?
*Where did the island go? I like the idea that it flashed forward 10 months in time, the same as Ben (though he landed in the desert--remember he asked for a local paper when he made it to the hotel in the desert and it was 10 months after the island flashed..maybe the island didn't move in space, just in time...perhaps this is why Alpert & co. appear ageless...because the island leaps every X months...)

Dylan said...

Jesse, I second all of your great moments and add to them the following:

Ben's "Okay, just watch this video while daddy gets some work done" tone with Locke.

Sayid's assassin badassery outside the mental hospital.

Sun's businesswoman badassery in London.

Miles Strom's "Hmmm. What do I mean?" retort (along with the fact that Charlotte's been here before, which ties in with her C.S. Lewis/Narnia nomenclature).

Rose laying it down on Strom.

Sayer is now officially Han Solo.

When they need to shed some weight in the helicopter and poor Hurley looks so sad.

Again with that scene, when Lapidus mentions that they need to lose some more weight and Kate looks at Jack and Jack basically looks at her as if to say "Uh, yeah. No. I'm staying right here. But thanks for thinking I might be noble instead of a completely self-absorbed narcissist with a God complex."

Walt's been eating his Wheaties.

They pulled an Alias on us with Keamy, huh? "Oh you thought I was dead, but I'm wearing a bulletproof vest. Psyche!" Although I guess that's more realistic than "You gut-shot me and left me in a mass grave but Walt appeared and now I'm feeling much better, thanks." Or "Oh, I walked through the crazy smoke-monster-proof fence and started foaming at the mouth and my brans started bleeding out of my ears, but here I am, in this underground base, right after I took a harpoon to the chest, blowing you up with a hand-grenade! Yay!"

How freaking creepy was that scene with Claire?

Like everyone else in humanity, I did not see the Desmond/Penny reunion happening this soon. But what does this mean for Faraday (who'll I'll address soon), as Desmond's his "constant"? I forsee a lot of bloody noses in his future. Also, some possible brain explosion. We'll see.

My answer to your questions:

Re: Michael: Why was he able to die? Why was blowing up the freighter important if the island was moving anyway? And was Ben killing Keamy a leadership error as he said or did the freighter have to explode? Dunno.

Re: Sun: That flash-forward takes place far enough in the future for her daughter to be starting to talk. I have no idea what this means, just thought I'd point that out.

Re: Rafties: I'm guessing that they got transported with the island (I mean, Alcatraz got transported. Is it a "snowglobe" like Desmond said? A big dome in space-time, maybe?). I like Farraday (and Lapidus and all of the Freighties, actually, so I'd like to see them back), though as I mentioned, I worry about his health.

Re: Widmore: I'm guessing there's some sort of deal they had to work out, him & Ben. It most likely involves time travel. And bunnies.

Re: Jacob: I still have money on Locke being Jacob, somehow. Which is why they need his body back on the island? Maybe? I just love Locke, what can I say?

Re: the Island's whereabouts: I'm also thinking the movement was in four-dimensions. Why else would they have shown us the Orchid video, which explicitly states that when something is moved ahead in time, it seems to disappear.

That's my two cents, at least. I'm pretty tempted to give up on speculation. I mean, they threw a friggin' magical donkey-wheel time machine in the basement of the basement of the island at us. How do you even try and compete with that? You can't. It's impossible. (Oh, and did you notice that the donkey wheel most likely had eight spokes on it? Because I did.)

So anyway, yeah. I guess that's it. Next?