I Can Do Anything That's Everything All On My Own

Okay, so Candace and the girls are in an airplane right now on the way to Las Vegas. I'll join them in a week. This is really weird. I'm not at all used to being alone.

Now I've been alone before. I moved myself out here for three weeks before I went back to Idaho while Candace had Claire and we packed up and moved out to the Cleve.

It was weird. Not necessarily bad, just weird. When I think back, I don't remember doing anything but going to work and talking to Candace on the phone. I know I did other stuff, like look for an apartment and do laundry, bu I'll be danged if I remember any of it. My life was in stasis.

This trip I'm going to try and be more productive. I made a list and everything. In fact, I made two lists, one is a "creative list" of things I need to work on and another more boring, basic, "to do" list. Now you can marvel at the sadness of my life from the comfort of your own home! Hooray technology! Here's my "to do" list. If you're easily excited, you may want to skip this one, as it's a pulse-pounding awesome-fest:

And here's the "creative list". The "Top Secret" stuff should be up here over the weekend. I'm already giggling thinking about it:

So there you go. That's my week. Do you think I can do all of that?

PS: Lost finale is on tonight. Are you ready for it? I'd love for the "Ask the Lost Guy" section tomorrow to be filled with reactions, crazy theories, questions (rhetorical and, uh, un-rhetorical), angry rants, etc. I know you have it in you, lovely Internets. Let's hear 'em! Let your Freak Flag fly!

PPS: I bought a bunch of comics today. I'll be posting a review/reviews of my haul, so expect that.

PPPS: I just wanted to point out that I am in love with Scott C.'s Double Fine Action Comics and would be remiss in my duties as Wanna-be Internets Impressario if I didn't point it out to you. His art blog's no slouch, either.

PPPPS: Haiku Friday is still on like unto Donkey Kong. Get out your calligraphy brushes and ink and get to writing! For serious!

PPPPPS: Hi there. I just wanted to type "PPPPPS". Which I now have. Twice.

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chanel said...

lists rock! i swear this trip has been productive b/c of my "itinerary"- you stole this great idea from me huh? I rule.

call my lonely hubs to spice up your alone time.