Used To Be A Folker

It's May! Hooray! Oh glorious day! It's also time for a new mix, don'tcha think? So here's this month's mix, Folk Star. Here's the cover:


Here's the tracklist:

01. Langhorne Slim - "And If It's True"
02. Tarkio - "Weight Of The World"
03. Josh Ritter - "Lillian, Egypt"
04. Dolorean - "Violence In The Snowy Fields"
05. M. Ward - "Helicopter"
06. Lou Barlow - "Holding Back The Year"
07. The Avett Brothers - "Will You Return"
08. Bob Dylan & The Band - "Lo And Behold"
09. Herman D√ľne - "I Wish That I Could See You Soon"
10. Ed's Redeeming Qualities - "Bad Coffee"
11. Donovan - "There Is A Mountain"
12. Uncle Tupelo - "Wait Up"
13. Fleet Foxes - "Quiet Houses"
14. Elliott Smith - "Ballad Of Big Nothing"
15. Ryan Adams - "I See Monsters"
16. Doug Martsch - "Dream"
17. Rocky Votolato - "Time Is A Debt"
18. Paul Westerberg - "Folk Star"
19. Grand Archives - "Miniature Birds"
20. The Fruit Bats - "When U Love Somebody"

It's somewhere near the corner of Folk Street and Rock Avenue, just up the road from Country Lane and Bluegrass Court and Pop Boulevard. You know, over in Pretty Awesome Heights. That neighborhood.

Download it here. And please leave a comment and let me know how you like it. Please?


Caitlin said...

So, this is, I think by far, my favorite mixtape to date. I've only listened through it once but I was wondering - can I play it at Great Harvest? I'll give you all the credit...

Dylan said...

Caity, knock yourself out. I'd be honored to have it played where that delicious pumpkin bread gets made.

Candace said...

I love this mix. I can't stop listening to it.