Time Like A Rubber Band / Stretches Infinitely Until / Finally It Snaps

Dude. This has been the longest day ever in the history of my life. Anybody else?

Also, the title to this post is in haiku if you count "rubber" as one syllable. Which I do. Also also, it was entirely unintentional. I went back in and broke up the stanzas after the fact. I like haiku. Haiku rules! Five-seven-five, baby!

In fact, in honor of this unintentional haiku, I am, in my infinite power as King Of the Internets In My Own Mind (which is a much harder job than you would think and really just utterly thankless), declaring tomorrow, Friday, May 23rd, and every stinking Friday after that "Haiku Friday." There will be much celebrating.

So leave a haiku as a comment and I will publish them as a post tomorrow when we will also look at a movie trailer and decide if it's going to suck or not (speaking of which, has anybody seen Indy yet? I'm waiting until I'm in Vegas to see it so I can see it with my brothers, but I welcome any spoiler-free thoughts on it. I know Chris Haley saw it and liked it, but he likes Speed Racer and Geoff Johns, so his taste = suspect. I kid, I kid.). Anyway, I'm going home. Peace in the Middle East, home fries.


jason quinones said...

me. me. me. me. me.

me. me. me. me. me. me. me.

me. me. NOT YOU!...


i can't take credit for this as i saw a cool and possibly drunk poet perform this at a poetry slam one night. it was even funnier in person due to the fact that he had to count out the syllables on his fingers to make sure he did it right!

Shon said...

What is a haiku?
It sounds like Japanese food.
Seaweed, rice, and words.

b3n said...

You can just decide how many syllables are in words now? You are king in your own mind...

I won a contest and won a shirt with this on it. I love it.

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense