Like, uh, Stuff and Stuff...

* I had a pretty great Memorial Day weekend, all told. How was yours?

* Watched I'm Not There last night and loved it to bits. It's bold and messy and brilliant. The only story that I didn't cotton to was the more conventional biopic section starring Heath Ledger and Charlotte Gainsbourg, though even that was well put-together. I would love to watch two hours of the Billy the Kid/Riddle County/Basement Tapes story though. When the giraffe walks into the frame?! I gasped. Totally amazing. And Cate Blanchett, oh man, I loves her. It's a heckuva movie and highly recommended, though I would be interested what someone who isn't freaking named after the Man thought of it.

* I have nothing to read on the train tomorrow, as I finished up the second-to-last Invisibles trade I had tonight while Candace sewed. WTH?! What am I going to do?!

* We went out for our anniversary to La Dolce Vita in Cleveland's Little Italy over the weekend and had a lot of fun and delicious pasta. And this weird appetizer that Candace wanted to get but I didn't really like but it had prosciutto in it so I ate that. Prosciutto is yummy. Also got some pretty terrific cannolis at a bakery there. I love cannolis almost as much as I love my lady. And I love my lady like a lot.

* And I guess that's it. I know, exciting, right? Such is the life of a jet-setter like me...


jason quinones said...

read an awesome book titled KNOCKEMSTIFF by Donald Ray Pollock which i wrote up about on my blog. if you haven't checked it out you should.

mayhaps i will post a feature called "Recommended Reading from Jason for Dylan" list in the near future.

b3n said...

I'm not named after him.

I watched it, took a week off, then watched it again.

It moved me.

Between that and No Direction Home we've got all the bases covered. I guess it's fitting that such a brilliant dude would inspire such brilliant film making.

Dylan said...

Jason, I saw that review and my interest was definitely piqued. I'll add Knockemstiff to my list of "To Read" books (which is growing larger daily).

chanel said...

ryan had a great memorial day, you'll appreciate the read, he'll appreciate someone reading it besides me. :)