"Happy Birthday/Happy Birthday To Me"

Remember that Cracker song? The one where he talks about sleeping in his car "in the parking lot of the Showboat casino-hotel," which is no longer there? From their first album? Dang, that album was good. Yet another album I had on cassette that didn't make the leap to the digital world. Someday, someday - though I need to get Camper Van Beethoven's Key Lime Pie first. Priorities, folks.

Wait. Where was I? Oh yeah... 500th post. Momentous and whatnot.

I started this blog back in 2005 after starting and then abandoning a previous blog, NeRD, aka: Nerdblogger. I'm not going to say that I was there first, on the forefront of the blog trend but, well... I was. I am cooler than you. Sorry. It was supposed to be a chance for me to flex some atrophied journalistic muscles with serious reviews of art, film, music and comics (I had a manifesto and everything) but I packed it in after it crumbled under the weight of its own expectations.

A year or so later, I started this blog as a place to, as I told my friend Chris, "pimp stuff I love," as well as write the kind of stuff that makes me giggle. And here we are, 500 posts later and thankfully, not a lot has changed. I have a lot more readers (including you lurkers out there) than I did two years ago and I must admit, I'm glad you're out there. While an audience is not a necessity, it's always nice to know that the post you spent time on is being enjoyed.

So for you, dear reader, I handcrafted this little gem:

Unfortunately, like the last Highlander (cue Queen theme music) there can be only one, so you'll have to duke it out, cage-match-style. Also, you must promise to gloat about it once you receive it. Turn the internets green with teh envyz. That is all I ask. I am a simple man. Just comment on this post and you'll be entered in the drawing. See, easy? Let the duking begin.

So thanks for sticking with me for the last 500. Here's to the next 500. You can count on more of the usual: mummies, vampires, kung fu, Shatner, spaceships and M.O.D.O.K.; movies and music and books and art and comics and rants. Free stuff and shout-outs and Knight Rider and things that are awesomely awesome.

And robots. Lots and lots of robots.


Shon said...

I am the Duke of the duke . . .

Candace said...

way to go! 500 is a big deal.

So, I'm exempt from the drawing...but I got him to make me a copy of the mix already...neener, neener, neener. But the cool packaging was not included w/ mine.

And, I am the Duke of the duke, Shon. No really, I am. Duke is my maiden name.

Patti said...

I did not follow directions and posted prematurely . . . so I will say it again. I'm in. Keep writing.

cbhoff said...
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cbhoff said...

Woah, 500? Man you're getting old.

My fingers are crossed for that pretty little gem.

Erin said...

Well, its true, Dylan. I am a lurker. I check your blog from Candace's almost everyday. But I thought I'd come out from hiding because I think it would be cool to win a drawing. And, I think Dave will like that CD, and I probably will too.

rose said...

happy blog birthday!

Dave said...

this is erin's husband dave. I pretty much check your blog 30 times a day and I find it thoroughly entertaining. I like it a lot. I like that CD a lot and I hope you send it to me.

Jesse said...

Dude, if we're talkin free stuff...I'm IN!!!

Congrats on 500. That ruleses.

b3n said...

I can has CD?

Caitlin said...

I want to win. Come on, let me win.

I love your blog and just so you know, Russell and I went back the night before last and re-read the "should I grow a beard" post because it was just that hilarious. We both agree, you need to write a book.

QueenCherine said...

Hey Dylan it's Cherine what up dog?

hehehe well I'm in! 500 posts wow you cocky bloggin son-of-a-gun!!!

P.S Your blog is a'ight!!! J/K

John said...

Dylan. I've lovin' the alphabet city.

When I saw it I knew that it must be mine. I figure there basically three ways that I secure my place as the winner.

1: Appeal to your sympathy.
"I have never ever won anything in my entire life! If I won this incredible custom compilation CD, it would give me the sense of purpose that would empower me to live a truly meaningful life and die a fulfilled man."

2: Flattery.
I want to have your children.

3. Threats.
If you don't give me the incredible custom compilation CD, I will have your pets taxidermied and glue them to your car!!

Feel free to chose whichever approach you think is most effective. I'm all about making this easy for you.

hopefully yours,


p.s. Congrats on the 500 posts

Allen TenBusschen said...

I will check my mail like daily, congrats again on over 500 post now, I am hoping to accomplish that sometime, hopefully blogs will still be in, when I get there. I need that mix like people need oxygen.

(or i will be forced to post on sparkle power until Candace hooks me up with a pirate copy!)