the Stabbing Robot Is Begging You...

Please watch 30 Rock when it returns for its second season on NBC. I mean, you're already going to watch the Office and, let's be honest, 30 Rock is probably funnier.

There. I said it.

"But Dylan," you may say, "I only watch shows where tall pasty talk show hosts are almost stabbed by crazy black guys acting like robots." Well, you're in luck, because 30 Rock has got that in spades. Take a look:

The second season starts Thursday, October 4th at 8pm On NBC. Some washed up comedian from some show that was on for a little while in the 90's is a guest star. Gerald Sonnenfeld or something. Just watch it.

Please don't let them cancel what is arguably the funniest show on television. Because if they do, I vow to whine about it daily on the beloved internets. You have been warned.

Watch it. Tell your friends. Please.


huston/lilia said...

let the revolution begin brother... i'm with you.

Allen TenBusschen said...

30 ROCK is the greatest show ever, I love it so much.