BRR Goes To the Movies, vol. 5

This comes out this weekend. It's directed by David Cronenberg, who's more well-known for his sci-fi/horror work (The Fly, Scanners) than he is for his most recent genre foray: crime movies starring Viggo Mortensen. (Am I the only one who says his first name like the villain in Ghostbusters 2? I am, aren't I?)

The duo worked together on the critically lauded A History Of Violence (which I haven't seen, but would really like to) and this one, a tale of the Russian mob looks equally terse, grim and bloody. In other words, it's a guy movie. For reals.

I'd Rent It, but I don't think Candace would like it at all.

Are we still liking this feature? Should I spread them out more? Let me know.


b3n said...

Veego? That's how I say it.

Oh man, I'm intrigued. It's got the dad from Shine in it! If I had a cousin or brother to go see it with, it would definitely be a Theater movie. But since I don't, I'll have to Rent it as well.

Patti said...

I like the feature, Dylan.