BRR Goes To the Movies - Special Edition!

So after teasing it at the San Diego Comic-con, Marvel released an official trailer for next year's John Favreau helmed Iron Man movie. Now I'm not one to gush about superhero movies as 80% of them are, let's face it, not very good (I'm looking at you, Daredevil and X-Men 3 and most of the Fantastic Four and the Hulk and... well, you get the idea).

But this one looks... freaking awesome.

A quick glance around YouTube garnered no results so I'll have to just link to the official site and you can see it in a higher-quality version. Pretty awesome, right? Looks smartly written and acted, but what should I expect from the guy who gave the world Swingers?

But seriously though, using the Black Sabbath song? Come on. -1 Coolpoint, which still leaves you at 9 out of 10. Don't feel bad. I probably wouldn't have been able to resist either.

Theatre all the way, baby.

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Allen TenBusschen said...

uh yeah it does, and you can make fun of me later but, I like Robert Downey Jr. Especially in "Heart and souls." which is a joke, but I have seen that movie like 50 times.