BRR Goes To the Movies, vol. 8

Michael Caine and Jude Law in Kenneth Branagh's remake of the 1972 film, Sleuth. Man, there was a couple of years there where you couldn't find a movie that Jude Law wasn't in, wasn't there? Anyway, so I will for sure rent the original. This one, maybe Rental but only because of Branagh. Okay and for Caine, too. But not for Jude "Ain't I So Pretty?" Law. That's wher eI draw the line.


Jesse said...

Very interested to see what Branagh brings as a director, all though I wish he would have played one of the characters himself.

I'm a softy for Law, though...in spite of his "look at me I'm pretty"-ness in AI (though I never saw it) or the creepiest movie of all time "Talented Mr Ripley" but because of his turn in "Holiday." Now THAT was a feel-good movie!

Patti said...

I might opt for the theatre for this one. For all three of em . . .

Love Kenneth Branagh.