My Little Brother's Just Discovered Rock & Roll

My love for Art Brut is well documented.

Their debut, Bang Bang Rock & Roll was 10 kinds of fun and their follow-up, It's A Bit Complicated is even better. It's even more focused, catchy and witty, while still packing an emotional punch.

And my brother's band is playing a show with them.

I know, it's awesome, right? Bryan managed to wheel and/or deal and secure a slot opening for them at the Beauty Bar in downtown Las Vegas next Thursday (if youre interested and in town, by all means, GO!) and he asked me to make a poster to promote the event.

So I did:

In the world of Eddie Argos, Art Brut's singer (shouter? yelper?), love and music are inseparable, though sometimes at odds. It's A Bit Complicated is full of the kinds of little tics that resonate with anyone who has an unhealthy love for music: breaking from a kiss to turn the radio up, making a mixtape for someone to say what you can't in person, finding solace in your records after a trying time. As the two things, love and music, are tied, the solution became more and more obvious.

Also, I was running out of time.

I have some of these with the wrong address printed on them if anyone wants to purchase one. Let me know and we will work something out.

"Get on the danceloor/It's a direct hit!"


b3n said...

Holy smokes, Dylan. Our 40 day lent has come and gone. September 5 was our last day. We made it. Thank you for your support. It was a success. Here's to hoping we stay strong.

Between school and work I'm doing 5 15 hour days per week.

b3n said...

Have you seen this? They're coming to Ohio.

Dylan said...

Yes, I did see that. I tried buying tickets this morning (today was "Crazy Look For Upcoming Shows" day here, is t hat in your calendar?), but sadly, it is sold out.

I am making this face:


But I did manage to get two tickets to Ryan Adams' show and am seriously thinking about seeing Iron & wine and Jens Lekman soon.

I am now making this face:


Now that we can leave the kids with a sitter, it's like independence Day. The holiday, not the movie. Now I know how Ben Franklin felt after he single-handedly defeated the British hordes with his fabled Amulet of Ammogatto.

Shon said...

Not to shabby there Dyl Anne.