Where Is My Mind?

So I kind of psyched myself out a couple of posts back (you caught me, Ben), with that whole "momentous occasion" talk. But I wanted to do something cool, something special to celebrate the occasion of my 500th post. I mean, I have always had an incredibly hard time sticking with any sort of diary, so to have posted 500 times in just over two years is fairly epic. And, all cheesiness aside, I couldn't have done it without my readers. Y'all's my dawgs.

So, I racked my brains, hosted intense focus groups, make all kinds of chartsengraffs, ate some cookies and after careful deliberation, (And by "deliberation" I mean: I read all of my comic books from the week which included not one, but two issues of the Immortal Iron Fist - issue #9 and Annual #1! Huzzah! - and watched a lot of new TV shows.. more on that later... maybe) I arrived at a very calculated, level-headed and wholly unexpected solution... to make a mixtape.

I know, really original, but Mike posted this over at Mixtapery and I thought I'd take the challenge. So, blame him. It's all his fault.

I now have one, that's right just one, copy of Alphabet Town, a double-disc, A-Z mixtape. This is some Super Special Limited Edition business, kids. For reals. We start with the Flaming Lips' epic "the Abandoned Hospital Ship" and end up at Pavement's "Z├╝rich Is Stained," hitting all stops in-between. A slight warning, though: it may rock one's socks right off and blow one's mind completely. You have been warned.

To put your name in the drawering, comment on tomorrow's momentous 500th post (this is a wonderful opportunity for you to delurkify, all you wallflowers out there. Come on. We won't bite. Okay, maybe Allen will, but his shots are current. a-wink-wink ;) ). I'll draw a winner on Monday, so you will have the weekend to comment. As that hillbilly comedian says: "You should get her finished." Or something like that. You know, the one that wears the flannel shirts with the cut-off arms and looks like he smells like body odor, exhaust fumes and Slim Jims? Yeah, that one.

Until tomorrow: peace in the Middle East, my homies. Keep it real.


Patti said...

Okay, I'm in. I, for one, am tickled pink you've managed 500 posts because your blog is on my list of top FIVE blogs. It is also the only blog that makes me laugh out loud just about every single day. How about THAT?

P.S. I still think you belong in Hollywood. Writing. For television. Please just call Sorkin, would you?

Allen TenBusschen said...

OH Happy day! I think if Candace posts on this it should count as another for me. and same goes for Patti, who I do not know, but that makes it alright to steal this delicious mix from. Congrats on 500 too man! that is amazing and you haven't dyed your hair black and written poetry all over the blog, so congrats on that also.