The Book I Read Was In Your Eyes

I like going to bookstores and libraries. I could, and have, spent hours browsing the spines and covers that live in either one. Why? Because I like judging books by their covers. Well, and their titles. I know my mother (and most likely yours, unless you don't have a mother because you were grown in a vat or something, in which case, good for you, I guess.) always warned against such practices, but she also told me my face would "stick like that," that my friends all wanted to jump off of bridges and that the Tooth Fairy was real. Moms lie. Sorry kids, but they do.

The fun of browsing for me is guessing what the book, given its title and cover, is about. Obviously, the visual component for me is a big factor, but a good title can spark a lot of imaginary stories just as well. The following are some made-up book titles for books/stories I will write (someday):

Mister Herman And His Magical Chocolate Pie

The Catcher's Mitt

Doom City

Margarine In the Sun

Loopy's Lament

Godzilla Was A Baller

Nobody Is Better Than Nobody

The Spilt-Milk-Maid

The Erotic Adventures Of Captain Kangaroo

1,000,000 + 1

Blowgun Drills

Underground Beatbox

Memoirs Of A Goofball

Afternoons Of Ping Pong and Death!

The Amazing Adventures Of AdventureBoy, etc.

Boogie Like You Mean It

Thirty-Second Century Wildman In Chains

Solace Solstice

The Sodapop Paradox

Our Parents' Horsefeathers

Kung Fu Hipster & the Ghosts Of Uncool

They Went To Space

Building A Castle (Notes From the Toothpick Wars)

The Plywood Brigade

and finally...

Burt Reynolds Toupee' Tried To Kill Me

Which would you read? Does anybody else do this? Is it just me?


jason quinones said...


you're not the only one that does this. sometimes coming up with a good title first enables you with the ideas to write the story you want.

on tilte alone i'd read;

memoirs of a goofball


the spilt milk maid

great titles there!

John said...

Some of my friends and I have a list of URL's that we want to make websites to. Some of our list include:


just to name a few.

Some of these might exist already, but I doubt it.