Ketchup, Cats & Kittens. Don't Get Left Behind.

Here is a list of thing I owe the internet:

* Winners of the mixtape drawing (I have the winners pulled but need to put the packaging together, so, yay! suspense!)

* A Battle Of the UnBands poster for Coat Of Static.

* A Sunday Comics post about Global Frequency.

* A post about a local business called RapCo.

* A new AOK! for this week with the possibility of a review of it.

* A post detailing my excitement for the Lost season 4 premier and maybe a review/analysis.

* A picture of the beard. It is back like Rambo.

Anything I missed?

I promise, I will get on all of this stuff. Eventually. Just not tonight. It's been a busy Sunday. "Day Of Rest" my you-know-what.

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Dave L said...

I went back and watched the 2 parts of the Lost pilot on abc.com. It was good for me.