It's A Numbers Game

From [adult swim's] Tim & Eric: Awesome Show! Great Job!, which is just weird. In a good way. Here's another one, For Your Health!

Happy Monday, Internets. I hope it doesn't totally suck and in fact rocks the rainbows out of a unicorn's behind.


b3n said...

Let me start by saying that I love John C. Reilly. But recently, I dunno, I feel like he's getting into the weird zone. And not in a good way. I laughed harder at Dwight Schruter. Am I a comedy snob? Am I broken? Does my comedy-o-meter not work anymore?

Find out the answers to these questions and more, when you READ THE BOOK!

Dylan said...
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b3n said...

Schrute! I meant Schrute!

Dylan said...

Oh man, Ben. I will pray for your comedy soul.

jason quinones said...

i just saw that show for the first time last night!

the "dungeons" skit hosted by the old man with guest star dave navarro was surreal.

loved the low tech,cable access feel to that skit and dave's expression was either real or he's a better actor than i thought. he really looked like he didn't want to be there!

rain wilson's skit was funny too.

and john c. reiley is always hilarious.


b3n said...

I know, huh!

I always like things when they're not cool, then I don't like them when they are cool, and when things are just meh I love them. It's like I'm taking all my built up street, indie, comedy, musical, and critical cred and just throwing it down the drain.

I really need to get my brains checked.

Dylan said...

Don't feel bad, Ben. Half of the time Tim and Eric are are more surreal than hilarious.

If you see the Reilly bits in the context of the show, it's a lot funnier, IMHO. It's a great character, basically if your gym teacher decided on a career where he discussed the merits of various pieces of produce on television rather than daily humiliating teenage boys.

b3n said...

Thanks, BRR.

Virtually every link on that page was funny. And not a single one weirded me out like the original one posted.

Whew! I feel much better now. My funny bone is right where it should be (at least I think so).