Bowlful Of Funny

Patton Oswald has finally eaten a KFC Famous Bowl and it's all documented by him over at the Onion AV Club. I laughed, I cried, I became disturbingly curious as to what one of these so-called "sadness bowls" tasted like. Don't worry, I won't actually do it. But I am curious.


jason quinones said...

that was a pretty funny read.

the concept of the kfc famous bowl always struck me as just weird,lazy and,as patton put it,sad.

like a drunk who went looking inside his fridge searching the ruins for whatever scraps of takeout food was leftover and threw said leftovers into a bowl to nuke and consume after an especially hard night of drug use and binge drinking.

because that's the state of mind you'd have to be in to want to willingly eat this garbage.

i also saw patton once in my local comic book store.

chrishaley said...

He talks about them on his latest CD as well, and it's important to note he closes up his rant about them by saying they're his favorite thing on the menu.
After hearing him talk about them, I had to try one.
They were everything he said they'd be and more.

Dylan said...

So, are they worse than he described?

chrishaley said...

I dunno, they're kinda delicious and vomitous at the same time.

Dylan said...

Sort of like everything else from KFC, then.