POW! #30 - Sky Blue Sky/Happy Accidents


I was sure that the trip through airport security had ruined the one shot I had left in the Polaroid so I was going to let Sadie take a picture with it. I figured that if it didn't turn out, it didn't turn out, no loss, right? As I was fidgeting with the camera I snapped this one of the blue December Las Vegas sky. Initially, I thought it was not going to work but ended up looking pretty cool once it developed. I have no idea what that little black spec is. Perhaps a... UFO?!?


QueenCherine said...

The blue sky was nice but I too forgot my sun glasses. I don't think I have seen the sun here in Utah in a month or so. I enjoyed reading your Vegas observations. I too felt the same about being glad I don't live there. We ate dinner at Neros in Ceasars Palace one night and I was dying how people drive. INSANE

QueenCherine said...

I mean I haven't seen the sun here..sorry~~~